UOB Credit Card Activation [How to Activate UOB Credit Card]

UOB Credit Card Activation | Activate UOB Credit Card

If you are United Overseas Bank‘s Credit Card holder and you did not receive activated it. And you want to find solution How to Activate UOB Credit Card? Then please follow the entire step it will solve your problem about activate your card. This post will give you an entire solution of about Activate UOB Credit Card. You need to simply follow entire steps which given in this post.

Before we process ahead you need to activate united overseas Bank’s Credit Card, we go to process what is the benefit of UOB bank’s Credit Card. United Overseas Bank provides many benefits of while taking plan just like all the transaction safety and security of the transaction, quick payment, attractive offers on shopping, many reward point and makes your credit score high, cashback offers etc.

United Overseas Bank provides many benefits just like investment plant, saving plant, credit and debit card as for user needed.

uob credit card activation

Ocbc Credit Card Overseas Activation

Rather than we going to the lengthy process, we need to come to the point How to Activate UOB Credit Card.

The United Overseas Bank provides many ways to activate their Credit Card.

  1. Activate UOB Credit Card via online of their official site.
  2. Activate UOB Credit Card via phone with their customer support number.
  3. Activate UOB Credit Card with ATM
  4. Activate UOB Credit Card with UOB Mighty App.

Activate UOB Credit Card via online:

  1. You need to go official site of United Overseas Bank which link is here
  2. Press Activate it now.
  3. The next page will be open you need to insert 16 digit number of the card.
  4. And type verification code below. And then press to continue then the one OTP code will be sent to your linked mobile number.
  5. And then follow the instruction on the website. You will receive the message to your card will activate.

If you find any problem then you can follow another way to activate your card.

uob card activation

Activate UOB Credit Card Through phone call with Hotline 1800.386.8188

Before you call you to need personal identity and card in your hand.

Call the customer care number of UOB hotline 1800.386.8188.

After connecting the phone it will ask 15 or 16 digit number which is on the card. Enter correct number do not make mistake.

One OTP will be generated from linked mobile number verified it.

Then your card will be activated.

If you find the problem then do not worry UOB provides another way go to nearest ATM.

Activate UOB Card with ATM.

The customer can easily go with card nearest ATM. Follow the instruction which I gave in below:

  1. The user needs to go nearest UOB ATM or nearest UOB Branch.
  2. When you go to nearest Branch you need to personal identity and account number etc.
  3. When you go to nearest ATM then you need Card and pin number was given to you.
  4. Then your card will be activated.

Activate UOB card with Mighty App.

customer must download the app. You can find the option Activate Credit Card of UOB. you can activate your card anywhere you need. You need only smartphone and internet connection.

If you find any problem then you can go to the nearest branch. If you want to any other credit card activation detail then please comment with us. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.Visite Here

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