Cafe hopping x Skyscanner: Top Bangkok Cafes You Cannot Miss

Cafe hopping x Skyscanner: Top Bangkok Cafes You Cannot Miss

Top Bangkok Cafes: Recent visits to Bangkok have provided us with fresh insight into the lively f&b scene that is thriving within the capital city which makes it even more appealing beyond its fame as a tourist destination and shopping.

Thanks to Skyscanner which provided us with the lowest cost flight available to Bangkok We could fly into Bangkok to discover its vibrant cafe scene.

Over the last two years, Bangkok’s cafes have been expanding at perhaps the same pace as Singapore. 

There are numerous excellent cafes as evidenced by our personal experience on this trip however, there are many more cafes to discover.

The majority of travelers visit Bangkok to spend a weekend getaway, and fitting in a few cafes is a challenge. 

However, the good news is that cafes are the most appealing (if not the only) choices to eat breakfast when in Bangkok and you’ll find the best cafes on the Bangkok Cafe Guide. You will surely take your time while enjoying the top of Bangkok and the cafe tradition.

To experience the very best in the café scene you should stay in the Sukhumvit and Thong Lor area. 

Sukhumvit is among the most exciting areas due to its booming number of restaurants of the highest quality as well as modern cafes, and hidden corners.

Scroll down for more helpful tips as well as the Bangkok Cafe Map!

If there was a neighborhood I could live in, it has to be located in there is a Commons. Commons is located.

It’s my backyard. It is a great place to be. Commons is a modern idea that modernizes the notion of the community into the real world, rather than just being an “f&b hangout”. 

In this complex, you will find many cafes as well as an elegant food court that is similar to Pasar Bella located in Singapore.


Roots Coffee was previously tucked at Ekkamai. It is now located at The Commons, along with the cafe it shares with its parent Roast. 

Roots offer a fantastic coffee that is ideal for coffee lovers of all kinds. You can find this café in the food court at the bottom of the street.


Roast is most likely to be one of the most popular brunch places in Bangkok. It offers a highly impressive menu of food options and it was full when we went. Make sure you are prepared for a great breakfast.

Cafe hopping x Skyscanner: Top Bangkok Cafes You Cannot Miss

Brix Desserts Cafe


BRIX has a gorgeous interior and offers a wide selection of cakes, ice cream, and plates of desserts. It’s probably the most popular dessert selection in this diverse restaurant, and it is beautiful.

If you have some extra time and no idea how to spend your time, then check for The Bloc, which is another hipster neighborhood with a market for containers as well as cafes such as Simple Day Cafe as well as Think Cafe. Be aware that this is away from everything else.

How can you ensure that you don’t get lost while when you go cafe-hopping?

Café-hopping in Bangkok can be a little more challenging as cafés are hidden away in a few corners, and getting directions from locals is virtually impossible. 

Therefore, it’s essential to use traveler data sim and tools such as Google Map, Uber, and our Bangkok Cafe Map to make sure that you do not waste time getting lost!

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Cafe hopping x Skyscanner: Top Bangkok Cafes You Cannot Miss Also Search

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