The definitive guide to HustlerMoneyBlog

The definitive guide to HustlerMoneyBlog

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The definitive guide to HustlerMoneyBlog

A lot of you have read my App-drama series, from the beginning to 5, which is the highest point of this site. Credit card companies are aware of the articles like mine, websites like as well as other popular blogs that speak in-depth about the credit arbitrage game that makes money. 

Why are they allowing people to earn money through their services? Don’t think I’m wrong..they’re not fools. This is because they’re still reaping the benefits of the 0% APR offer that is being offered to the bulk of Americans who keep borrowing and continue to fall deeper into debt. 

They’ve also become more stingy by offering Balance Transfer(BT) deals and have also changed the terms of their promotions. So what do we do now?

I am proud to present my ultimate tutorial on the HustlerMoneyBlog:

Definition: A mixture of strategies based on App-o-Rama Bonus-Rama and Bills-Rama that earn money by increasing your side earnings and decreasing the cost of your day-to-day expenses.

Apporama playing the credit card at 0 percent BT game at the advanced level

App-o-Rama, AOR, and Applications-on-Rampant are all terms used to describe by applying for many, possibly up to 50, credit cards at one time. 

The best way to get all credit card offers is to apply for them all in one day, ideally within a half-hour during a workday, in the early morning hours. This will trick the credit card companies into giving you all offers that are approved while minimizing the damage to your score.

Quick Q&A:

Question 1: What the hell would I do this?

To earn money A lot of money, perhaps in the hundreds of thousands

Question 2 Answer 2: Hustler How do I know that getting a number of credit cards going to make you wealthy?

Although, I wouldn’t call myself rich.. certainly extra money by way of credit card welcome bonuses, such as cash, miles free for hotels and flights as well as free points towards gift cards, free iPods and so on …. the most important thing is to perform a balance Transfer(borrow money at the 0% APR rate and then put it in the savings account at 6% to earn money).

Question 3: Who is the person who should be responsible for this?

This is to entertain you with information…You perform this s**t on your own responsibility. The best answer is for those who have a decent credit score, with a minimum of 650 or higher, and that aren’t able or do not want to purchase a home in one year.

Question 4: What do you earn in a year by doing this?

In the past year, I’ve earned more than $3000 on Balance Transfers by myself. The people with a better credit score have claimed to have made upwards of 10K. And, when you are doing it right it can be recycled each year.

5. What negative consequences can be expected of implementing App-o-Rama?

It could affect your score on credit for the duration of a year. Insurance rates for home and auto could increase because of the drop in your score. If you’re borrowing through BT your credit score might be hit by 100 points due to your debit/credit limit ratio within the initial month.

 When you’ve completed your 12-month APR 0% term and after all the cash you have paid back your credit score is likely to be better than when you first began it.

This is essentially an overview of App-o-Rama. Before I dive into the fine-tuning of details of A from A to Z I’d like to ask you to spend a few days perusing the thread about FatWallet. 

Check out all the details and personal App-O-Ramas in the thread. I’d like you to be aware of the various terms used in App-O-Rama, such as balance transfer(BT), AOR, Credit Limit Increase (CLI), Credit Transfer (CT), Customer Service Rep.(CSR), FICO score..etc etc. 

I am not able to provide all the information, and I may leave some details out. Read first and learn from your own experience, so taking a look at the next few posts from me won’t be as much of a hassle. Check back tomorrow for the next installment of HustlerMoneyBlog Part 2.

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