How To Tell If Your Coffee Is Good

How To Tell If Your Coffee Is Good

Tell If Your Coffee: The quality of our cafe experience is determined by how happy we are with our meal. The cafe’s coffee is an important part of the experience. We have higher expectations about the coffee.

It is often a question we ask ourselves: What makes good coffee? Sometimes it is as simple as getting a “shiok”, after sipping on a cup of coffee.

However, for those who still haven’t figured out their preferences, this guide will show you how to determine if your coffee has been good.

We have eliminated all the lingos, jargon, and bombastic terms so that everyone can enjoy our coffee.


As soon as your coffee is ready, take a moment to smell it. A pleasant and light coffee scent should bring a smile to your face.


You should not heat the coffee to scorch your tongue, nor too cool to make it easy to gulp down. It should be able to withstand heat for at least 30 minutes while being comfortable to sip immediately. The skilled barista will do this perfectly.

How To Tell If Your Coffee Is Good


One simple way to determine Body: Does your coffee taste watery? It may not have enough body. The ideal coffee should have a certain viscosity and weight. It should feel smooth on your tongue and be velvety. 

You probably won’t enjoy the perfect coffee if it leaves your tongue feeling like you’ve never drunk anything.


The actual taste of the coffee is next. This is a more complex matter and will depend on your preferences. The easiest way to judge if you like your coffee is to check if it has the right balance in sweetness (or bitterness), roastiness, or smoothness. It shouldn’t taste bitter, too bitter, or dry.

This is a general rule of thumb. Sometimes, your taste buds can be more intuitive than your brain. You could immediately tell if the coffee is good by the time it touches your tongue.


Have you noticed a strange bitter-sour taste after swallowing? Most likely, you had a bad roast. It is possible for the after-taste to be subtle and mild.

Latte art

You have seen the 5 above, but the one that really makes your cup stand out is the beautiful latte artwork you make. 

Locally, we have many talented baristas and can almost expect to get a beautiful pulled heart, tulip, or sometimes swan in every cup.

Find the right Blend For Yourself!

Every person is different and each one has their own preferences. We need to try many types of coffee to find the best. Cafe Latte is the most commonly offered coffee in cafes. 

You can choose how much milk and water you prefer and stick with your favorite to avoid disappointments. Personally, I like Café Latte. I also love raw sugar. What do you think?

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