SunTrust Credit Card Activation [Activate SunTrust Credit Card]

Suntrust Credit  Card Activation | Activate Suntrust Credit Card

If you took SunTrust Credit Card you are looking for sun trust credit card then do not worry I will provide you entire information of How to Activate SunTrust Credit Card? SunTrust is the large financial institution which provides many services just like investment services, business account, and credit card. If you receive SunTrust‘s Credit Card and do not activated so hurry this post will be activated your SunTrust Credit Card within a couple of minutes.

SunTrust Credit Card Activation

Sun Trust Credit Card Activation

SunTrust Credit Card Activation will take few minutes. I will provide you idea that how this card will help you to make life easier.

Which means that I want to tell you what is the benefit of SunTrust credit card.  SunTrust Credit card will give to you many benefits just like easy payment and purchase system, gifts, cashback offers and many other offers given rather than wasting time I will process how to Activate SunTrust Credit Card.

Before we go to SunTrust Credit Card Activate you should have some document nearby you while we go to process just like user have the card on his hand and personal Identification.

There are two ways to activate your card. You can follow anyway which you want both the way is very easy.

  1. To Activate SunTrust‘s Credit Card online.
  2. To Activate SunTrust’s Credit Card by phone.

I will provide to you all information above both ways.


To Activate SunTrust Credit Card online:-

We are going to process card but before you need to have SunTrust‘s Credit Card on your hand and personal identification on your hand.

  1. Go to official site which is given to here and sign in with username and password. If you do not have online accounts then register it.
  2. Search the option manage account and Activate card.
  3. Provide all information about card just like the type of card and card number.
  4. Provide personal information just like the first name and last name etc.
  5. Then OTP code will be sent to the linked phone number which you provide while taking cards.
  6. Then enter a code and submit. Your cards will be activated.

If you find some problem just like an error, connection problem, server problem then you can go to our next way activate SunTrust’s Credit Card by a phone call.

SunTrust Credit Card Activate by phone

This is a very easiest way to activate your SunTrust Credit Card by a phone call. You need only dial customer care number. But before you call the credit card should be on your hand and personal identification also need.

  1. You need to dial customer care number with a linked mobile number. The number is here 1-800-337-1140
  2. Choose a proper option and provide all information which customer executive needed.
  3. Then your credit card will be activated.

Please make note that while the use of your credit card will be authorized website or customer care number otherwise more chances to misuse. If you find the problem then you can go to your nearest branch of SunTrust.

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