49 seat delivery menu

49 seat delivery menu

seat delivery menu: The visit from 49 Seats was totally unexpected. My friends and I happened to walk by this restaurant and were considering the best place to have dinner. We were impressed by the affordable prices and the staff stated their belief that “their food is really good here”.

It’s funny to hear self-praising, but the man was not really boasting in any way! The food served at this café is delicious and the service personnel is all genuine and friendly.

Look And Feel

49 seats delivery menu

I love the overall look of the interior as well as particular elements like chandeliers and wall art. However, I feel that the cafe is more comfortable with a few couches and other furniture. Metal chairs like these ought to be removed from cafes! Hah


To start our set menu We had mushroom Soup.

It is certainly one of the top mushroom soups I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying. It’s a rich flavor and is extremely rich. I nearly licked the bowl dry.

My friend ordered Fish and Chips and the portion of the food was enormous! It’s a decent Fish N Chips, and a small amount of marination could be sufficient.

I ordered I ordered a Chicken Chop with black pepper sauce. The chicken was cooked to perfection and the sauce made it extremely delicious. A few black pepper sauces can be extremely strong, however, this one is delicious and not overly spicy.

Beef Bolognaise that I haven’t had the chance to attempt!

My Tomyam lovers purchased Tomyam Seafood Pasta. It’s a truly unique taste and you’ll need the true Tomyam lover to be able to appreciate the taste.

After a satisfying and filling dinner, we decided to order the Wicked Brownie served with Ice cream. 

The brownie is delicious served warm, and the delicious vanilla ice cream worked great with it! If the brownie were slightly moister, it’d truly be a wonderful treat!

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In a Nutshell

I’d suggest 49 Seatsisn’t one of the most attractive cafes, but the food will keep me coming to return! I would say that the Western food at this cafe is excellent and is well worth the price. 

The staff at the service are accommodating and friendly which makes dining enjoyable. I recommend you go to their restaurant very soon!

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