Free Samsung phone credit with Sprint 2 year renewal

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If you’ve been following this site, you already have a good idea the fact that Bank of America does not like me very much. You don’t know what I’ve actually been trying to do with Sprint.

Before we dive into specifics, here is my family plan on Sprint PCS (I have an additional SERO account) which is about $50 per month, with tax on five lines, 990 minutes.

It comes with free calls at weekends and 7pm as well as free text messages, free Vision as well as five phones that are upgraded every two years. 

I received all the freebies since if you change something on plans, customers have the option to end your contract without having to pay Early Termination Fees. 

They did not want me to quit, and they gave me the entire freebies and add-ons.

Mom and sister don’t require a lot of minutes, so they call only on other Sprint phones (free minutes) at 7pm after that or on the weekends (both for free).

The original plan was the price of $90 to get two lines, however we added three lines for my sisters and mom at $10 each. After taxes, we’ll probably get approximately $130 per month.

Free Samsung phone credit with Sprint 2 year renewal

You’re probably thinking.. What’s the deal? How did you manage to get it to just $50 per month?

My brother received the discount offered by the company for 25 percent off. I then called him and asked to receive an additional 5percent off as a discounts on loyalty. 

We all drop-calls each month in order to receive an additional $50 off every month. The cost is about $50 per month, and I promise you not.

For every 18 months every member of my family plan is eligible for $150 in credit towards a brand newly purchased phone (of course, I am aware of that prior to calling them). The conversation was just two weeks last week:

Me dialing *2

CSR: Sprint PCS, how can I assist you?

Me: I’d prefer to transfer my account directly to Retention as I would like to end the phone line.

CSR: No problemfor a moment, just one.

New CSR: Hi sir I’m sure you’re looking to end your contract. Are there any things we can do assist you?

Me: My contract will be up in two months. T-Mobile offers me a brand new Razr phone with a one-year contract. I’ve been a loyal customer for several number of years but, unless I can change something, I’d like to end my contract in the near future.

CSR: Well, in reality, you must join T-Mobile to stay for 2 years..blah Blah blah..there service isn’t good..blah Blah…

Me: Can I receive a no-cost Razr cellphone if sign up to renew your company?

CSR: I’ll check Sorry sir, you are eligible for $150 credit when you renew your 2 year contract..but since the Razr is $280, you will have to pay an additional $130.

Me: What’s the deal with Samsung A640? Samsung A640?

CSR: Yes, it’s free. I’ll also include free delivery.

Me: No activation costs?

CSR: Because you’re a great customer, I’ll take care of you as well.

Me: I’m still not sure…kinda I’d like to have the service will end in two months..I think I’ll choose…

CSR: If you’re interested in this we could offer you another discount of $90 towards the Razr.

Me The truth is I’m fine with using the Samsung A640. However, I’d like to have the 6pm service for free or a $50 credit on my next charge.

CSR: Sorry I’m not able to do this.

Myself: Okay…I guess I will have to wait two more months before I join T-Mobile..good Bb ……

CSR: (sudden interruption) well sir, what do you think I’m going to give you a $50 credit to the next bill as well.

Me: With this free telephone, there are no activation charges and delivery is free?

CSR: Yes.

Me: Please sign me up.

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