Real Food Singapore Review

Real Food Singapore Review

Real Food Singapore: Real Food is a cafe serving organic meals made from ingredients. It’s a place that you can eat your heart out while being healthy. 

The decor is stunning and warm with a separate area for gatherings and dining, as well as a separate area for private reading or evening chats with your friends.

The price is reasonably priced and is well worth a visit at least once every so often! Just a few yards further down Killiney Road (near Orchard Central) You will be happy to discover this unique café in an otherwise boring structure.

Look & Feel

Real Food is a huge store and splits the cafe into two parts. The first is than a place to eat and the other one is to read or chat.

Another section has seating for sofas and a low table that is mostly for desserts and drinks than eating. I love this area more since I love seating on sofas. The perfect place to read!

Food & Drink

Real Food Singapore Review

We were pleasantly surprised to see a variety of options even though it was an organic food establishment. There were a variety of options to pick from but seemed too healthy for us young adults. Are you ready to start eating healthier?

One of my acquaintances ordered Organic Mushrooms Aglio Olio. The flavor was average it was not too spicy, and not too fragrant. The organic mushrooms tasted very deliciously mushroomy.

I ordered the Genovese Pesto Pasta. I was not a fan of the olives, and the overall flavor was vegetable-y. It was very healthy, but I think it could have been better by adding a bit more salt and spice.

My friend was unfortunate enough to be served a sloppy Breakfast at Rise-n-Shine. The food was in the queue for quite a long time and the food was cold at the time of serving, as well as the bread quite hard. 

After asking for it to be reheated, it was back one degree hotter and my friend was able to eat it with a sigh. It’s not something we’d recommend in the event that the standard of this dish is this.

It is an absolute STAR at the end of our evening. the original Strawberries, as well as Banana Pancakewhich, which was extremely delicious, sweet, and delicious. 

The pancake was fluffy and the sweetness made the entire meal a perfect combination. Although the presentation could have been prettier we were able to overlook it because of the delicious taste.

 Another thing to add to my favorite food lists! It’s a bit small than the price, but it’s still a bargain!


In a Nutshell

It’s nice to find a cafépromoting healthy eating through serving meals made with only organic ingredients. 

It’s unique since there aren’t many organic food establishments or cafes in the area, and has proved that it’s possible to make healthy food delicious.

Although some of the dishes are not great overall, I’d say that the food isn’t bad however it can be difficult for kids like us with a preference for eating fried foods and more savory dishes to appreciate the flavor.

Apart from the food, the cafe has a lovely, cozy inside with plenty of seating. Bring a book to this café, indulge in their amazing pancakes, and enjoy an enjoyable afternoon!

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