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If you are Royal Bank Credit Card holder and you want to activate RBC credit card. But you did not find the right way to activate your RBC Credit Card Activation. I will provide you all information about how to activate RBC credit card and ways to activate your RBC Credit card with easy method. Please read the entire post and follow the steps.

Before goes to activate your RBC Credit Card. Briefly information on the benefit of the card Royal Bank offer you lots of offers, easy to use just like payments and purchasing, rewards point and many more offers given. The main benefit of RBC Credit Cards Contact is this it will be provided easy to paying cash.

 rbc credit card activation

Activate RBC Credit Card

There are two ways to activate your RBC Banks Credit Cards.

  1. RBC Bank’s Credit Card online Activation.
  2. RBC Bank’s Credit Card Activation By phone Call.

To Activate RBC credit cards online:-

It is a very easiest way to activate your card before we process you need card information and personal details on your hand.

Now please follow the steps which you reach the activation of the card.

  1. Go to official link of Royal Bank activation link here.activate rbc credit card
  2. Enter the 16 digit credit card number.
  3. Provide personal details just like the full name, address etc.
  4. And follow the instruction.
  5. Your card will be activated.

If you find any problem then you will go to another option to activate the card via phone call.

To Activate RBC Credit Cards via phone call:

This way is also the very easiest way to call customer care number and activate your cards. But before you call you to need a document on your handy like Personal Identity, card etc which I mention you earlier.

Here RBC Bank has different credit cards have a different number which I describe below:

  1. Dial the 1-877-900-5900 for business and personal banking credit cards number.
  2. Dial for 1-888-769-2597 for the private banking credit card customer care number.
  3. After choosing number please dial it and provide personal information. And follow the command as per customer executive told you.
  4. Congratulation your card will be activated.

If you find any trouble then you can comment to us. Please mention that if your card is misplaced then please contact to customer care number and block your card. Please do not give user id, password, and any other information just like OTP number and CVV number to anybody. If you share it then it is possible to misuses to your cards.

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