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RAK Bank Credit Card Activation @ www.rankbank.ae

RAK is the business bank which gives to their customer cards services they provide to their customer debit card and credit card services. RAK bank will provide many financial services for the savings account, loans, debit card and credit card which I mention you earlier they provide more benefit.

Here we are providing to you how to activate RAK Bank Credit Card Activation information. Also check here rank bank credit card customer care number and activate rank bank credit card details.

 rank bank credit card activation

What kind of benefit provides the RAK Business bank on the credit card?

RAK Bank provides many credit cards. We will take overall benefit of the credit card. You will free for using and caring cash, lots of benefit of shopping, cash back offers, rewards and free gift etc provided by RAK Credit Card.

Now we come to the point how to activate RAK Credit Card. we do not go to further information about what is the benefit of RAK Credit card if you want to benefit from RAK credit card you will send the comment to comment box.

How to Activate RAK Bank Credit Card?

For RAK Bank Credit Card activation method which is described below:

  1. You can activate it by phone or we can say that RAK Credit Card Activate by SMS.

How to Activate RAK Bank Credit Card through phone or SMS:

RAK Bank Credit Card activation via phone is the simplest way. You need to carefully read the following steps

  1. You can activate your RAK Bank Credit Card activation and get their pin by using to call 600 54 4049 for RAK Bank Credit card.
  2. Islamic cardholder needs to dial 600 54 0044 and get 6 digit activation code.
  3. You can also get 6 digit activation codes by SMS to 4595 from register mobile number.
  4. Follow the SMS format which I mention you.
    1. Type the following: ACT <4 digits of card number > space <last 4 digit card number> and send it 4595 from your register mobile number.
  5. The activation code will have come to the mobile number which is valid for up to 30 minutes. Use that code to activation IVR number and personal details of card number etc.
  6. The 6 digit activation number if you are outside the UAE regions then you need to call +97 14 213 00 00 to activation of your code.
  7. In terms of Prepaid Cards, after loaded customers Card, the customer can set-up their preferred 4-digit PIN by simply sending an SMS to 2737 in the following format.
  8. The customer needs to type an SMS in the following format in order to activate the card. The format should be like these 100 <your Card ID> <your selected 4-digit PIN>

If you do not find the solution which you need so you can go to the nearest branch and make complain and activate your card.

RAK Credit card will use but never give anyone pin. RAK credit card will be activated within five minutes. Never give your pin to anyone. If you lost your card the above-mentioned number you call it and deactivate it immediately or nearest RAK bank and deactivate it first.

If you have trouble to any other credit card activation then you can contact us in the comment box. We will try to solve your problem.

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