How to Activate Public Bank Credit Card [Activate public Bank Credit Card]

Public Bank Credit Card Activation Guide| Activate Public Bank Credit Card

If you took public bank Credit Card Activation recently and you want to find the solution then do not worry I will provide it complete solution about it.

          You need to pay attention to this post the complete solution of Activation of Public Bank Credit Card still ends of this post.Here we are providing to you latest information about public bank credit card pin number and public bank quantum credit card. 

If you do not have the idea of public bank quantum credit card and benefit of it then do not worry about it. I will discuss briefly it. The public bank offers you rewards point, the extra benefit of shopping, easy payment system, many gifts, cashback offer given by the public bank. The public bank wants their customer to make happy while online or offline. I will not waste your time if you want to in deeply what is the benefit of public Bank Credit Card then you need to comment below this post. We assure you that we provide you in detail.

public bank credit card activation

Rather than going long now come on the point Public Bank Credit Card Activation.

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How to Activate Public Bank Credit Card?

The solution of Activate your public Bank Credit card is here. There are two ways to Activated it. People were asked the question on it.

  1. Can I Activate Public Bank Credit Card on Net?
  2. Can I Activate Public Bank Credit Card on hotline or phone call?

How to Activate Public Bank Credit Card online?

Follow the steps of for activate your credit card I will assure you if you follow the step you can activate your credit card within few minutes.

  1. Open the official portal of Public Bank. If you do not have the link then click here
  2. You need to give user id and password then go to next page you need to enter new user id and password and fill the security question.
  3. You can simply click here to link enroll pin.
  4. Then you need to verify your card. You should enter card details, card types because the public bank offers many types of cards. You need to select your card type.
  5. On next page, the online form will be open carefully fill all the information correctly.
  6. Then press it to activate it.

Your card will be activated it easily. If you find the problem regarding activating you can also contact on hotline how to activate it on public bank credit card via phone call or hotline then scroll down. I will provide it also.

How to Activated Public Bank Credit Card hotline: 603-21768000.

To activate you public Bank Credit Card by the phone call the phone call number is 603-217-68000.

Before you make the call you need to card, card details, register mobile number, and account details near to you.

Provide all the information which is given by bank agent. After completing you will get received the message your credit card has been activated.


I hope the information which I provide to you is satisfied if you have any trouble then you can contact your nearest public bank’s Branch. If you want any other Public Bank Credit Card activation then comment us in below box we will provide it shortly.

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