How to do Price Match at Circuit city to get a hot item

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This system is well-known. But few people can master it. Let’s say you have a very hot item. Circuit city currently has a Memorex Flash drive on sale for $71.99 and a $32 rebate. 

You can buy it online and pick it up in-store (trust me, this works better). Make sure to get a copy from Fry’s website before you pick up your item.

Take a drive to Circuit City and then pick up the item at Customer Service. You can also request a price match by showing the Fry’s copy of the updated price. 

So, Buy @ CC 110% PM to Fry’s and you will get $71.99 – $42.90 difference (110% difference), + $32.00 rebate = $2.91 Send your rebate form along with your original receipt.

You know what I would do?..ebay the 2GB biitch at the end. Do not do this at your own risk. This technique requires a lot of hustle…
This is a detailed explanation of how Circuit City Price Match works.

How to do Price Match at Circuit city to get a hot item

1)  Purchase the item online and pick it up in Circuit City
This will ensure that the rebates do not appear on the receipt.

2)  Wait for the rebates to expire (very confusing..i’m referring to the timeline of purchasing the item with rebates from Circuit city or that the PM price at store B begins to pick up the item

This is because CSR might not be able to recall the item with rebates, so has a better chance with PM

3)  Take the confirmation letter with you and the price of the store.
This will save you a trip to the store.. instead of picking-up and coming back later for PM.

4)  Don’t argue if PM is denied. Instead, come back tomorrow or later to try with another CSR.
Again, you don’t have to be a greedy idiot if you disagree with CSR.

5)  Return the item if PM is not accepted.

6)  Fill in all rebates if PM is valid.

7)  Keep a copy of all rebates. If you don’t get your rebates back due to PM.. be prepared. Get the problem fixed by calling the number for the rebates. 

Don’t argue with CSR for rebates center. If denied, call again with a new CSR to be fixed.

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