How to Activate POSB Credit Card [Activation of POSB Credit Card]

POSB Credit Card Activation Guide |

POSB Bank is the large bank which provides many financial services the full form of POSB Bank is Singaporean Bank. If you are POSB Credit card holder and do not activate it so you need to only take few minutes to the active credit card. You need to carefully read this post.

POSB Bank Provides many benefits of their customer just like they will provide server task just like easy to the transaction of money, quickly and safe payment and purchase options, cashback offers, rewards, make shopping very easy and many more you did not have the idea which all thing will give to POSB Bank Credit Card Activation.

 posb credit card activation

POSB provides their customers to life very easy. POSB Bank provides many benefits to it. They want to the customer make relax and free but they do not have the idea about the How to Activate POSB Credit Card? Then follow all the steps which I mention here.

The following question arrives just like.

Can I activate POSB  Credit Card online?

Can I activate POSB Credit Card through SMS?

Can I activate POSB Credit Card with the phone?

Above all answer is yes but how it is possible it.

How to activate POSB credit card?

There are server ways to activate POSB credit cards.

  1. POSB Credit Card activation via I-Banking.
  2. POSB credit card activation through DigiBank.
  3. POSB Credit Card activation through SMS banking.
  4. POSB Credit Card activation through POSB/DBS ATM.
  5. POSB Credit Card activation through video teller machine.

How to activate POSB Credit card via I-Banking or DigiBank or Online Banking?

Please follow the entire step of activating POSB Credit Card.

1.first you need to the official website of internet banking. Which link with here

  1. you need to click here for login.
  2. now enter user id and password.
  3. The customer needs to select the card, activate Credit card menu.
  4. click to the next page, the customer will insert personal information and verify it.
  5. then your credit card has been activated.

If you find the problem regarding internet banking or Digi banking then go to another option.

How to activate POSB Credit Card using SMS Banking?

Customer needs to suggest that you must make SMS through the linked mobile number. And follow the appropriate format.

  1. You need to type SMS as per format which I describe in following.
  2. You must make massage Activate <space> Last 4 digit card number.
  3. Send this message (SMS) to 77767
  4. The response SMS received the customer.

If you do not follow the message format then your credit card will not activate. In the case of all the problem in our next activation method.

How to activate POSB Credit Card through POSB/DBS ATM ?

You need to visit the POSB or DBS ATM.  And follow quickly information given below.

You must go to ATM between 7 am and 11 pm for Monday to Saturday. For Sunday or public holidays, you need to go between 7 am to 9:30 pm

  1. You need to insert the card which you want to activate.
  2. Enter the new card PIN. Which you received in mail separately.
  3. Then select the more service option.
  4. Select the card/PIN/iBanking/phone banking.
  5. Click on Card Activation.
  6. Provide all the information which is needed.
  7. Then your card will be activated.

How to Activate POSB Credit Card via video Teller Machine:

  1. You need to insert your NIRC, Credit card and scan your passport and complete the authentication process.
  2. Select the card services option and then select activate the card.
  3. You need to insert the card which is inactive and insert pin which is come separately via mail.
  4. After customer needs to provide some information like NRIC number, nationality, and Date of Birth.
  5. Click on the confirm button. Then you will receive a notification of card activation.

I hope you like which I describe the card activation method. If you find the problem you can visit the nearest branch also.

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