Maybank Credit Card Activation[Activate Maybank Credit Card]

How to Activate MAY bank Credit Card [May Bank Credit Card Activation ]

MAY bank offers their customer lots of benefits. If you are MAY bank customer and collect the credit card then what are you waiting for activation? This post will help you to activate your MAY Bank Credit Card. After the read entire post you will activate May Bank Credit card activation with a couple of minutes.

One overall idea what benefit provide MAY Bank to their card holder? The answer it MAY bank provides many cards they provide different customer to the different card as peruses they will provide different customer to different cards according to need.

But the overall information of benefit of the MAY Bank provide is no need to carry money, lots of benefit over the used card just like cashback offers, bonus and many more.

Now I think so you hurry about the card activation. Then we go to the process.

 may bank credit card activation

How to Activate MAY Bank Credit Card?

There are server ways to activate your card. The list of activation method is here.

  1. Activate MAY bank Credit Card via SMS.
  2. Activate MAY bank Credit Card Online.
  3. Activate MAY bank Credit Card through the phone.

How to activate MAY bank Credit Card via SMS.

You need to linked number and simply send the SMS. But you need to follow the SMS Structure.

Type ACTV and send it 66628.

Then you will receive a notification to your register mobile number.

How to activate MAY Bank Credit Card online

To Activate MAY Bank Credit Card then you need to follow the rules.

  1. You need to visit the official portal
  2. You need to log in and Go to “ACCOUNT AND BANKING
  3. You need to select all card category.
  4. Then select the card which you want to activate.
  5. Confirm the receipt of the card.
  6. OTP will send to register mobile number. insert that OTP to the site.
  7. Then your card will be activated.

If you find any trouble about the server problem and some time login issue you will come to the next option which I mention below which are Activate MAY BANK Credit Card through the phone call.

How to Activate MAY Bank Credit Card through the Phone:

In this step, you need to dial the MAY Bank customer care number to activate your card simple. In details see the steps.

  1. You need to call the linked mobile number with the customer care helpline number: 03 79490708.
  2. Then listen carefully and provide all the information which customer care executive needed.
  3. They will ask about the personal information, card information etc.
  4. In the end your call you will receive the message your credit card has been activating.

In case of any problem if you do not activate the card after the process then go the MAY Bank Branch immediately as soon as possible and make complaints about it. I hope that you like my article on card activation. If you find issues of any card activation then please mention us in the comment box. We will solve your problem as soon as possible. ssee also site here cards activation

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