My website: Make Money Online through blogging with 14 steps to follow

My website: Make Money Online through blogging with 14 steps to follow

Make Money Online through Blogging: This article may include the mention of products offered by our partners. We may be compensated when you make an application through our hyperlinks. Thank you for your support of HustlerMoneyBlog. Here’s the complete Advertising Disclosure.

Let’s keep this real..the primary reason I went into blogging was to earn money. It’s been five months, and I’m still doing well with my daily updates and other updates. Does it take a lot of time? Yes.

Do I earn a decent income from my blog? The answer is yes, but most importantly, I love blogging about ways to make fast money each day. As you will see, there are many ads on my blog…and sure, it’s somewhat sexy, but you have to be a hustler.

The question is what is the best way to start with a blog? Trust me when I say that I knew little regarding it at the time I first joined the bandwagon. 

If you’ve got the patience and time you can make an enjoyable little source of source of income. Here are the steps I took to create your own blog:

My website: Make Money Online through blogging with 14 steps to follow

  1. Find a domain to purchase and a hosting provider through, use my promo code to receive 50 percent off the price: HUSTLERDH50OFF
  2. With Dreamhost, you’ll obtain a domain, then use their in-click WordPress installer program and follow their step-by-step instructions.
  3. Once you’ve activated your blog, choose an already-installed theme from the toolbox, or look for the one you like in this.
  4. Select a topic that you are strongly about and write about. I’d suggest your personal finances since you are here however there are numerous blog posts on personal finances there.
  5. Find WordPress plugins to enhance your blog’s content.
  6. Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization SEO which can make your blog more prominent in searches on Google and then you can make sure your permalinks include the name of your post within your choice toolbox. Also, make sure you register your website through Webmaster Tools.
  7. Write some posts that are interesting and then visit other well-known financial blogs and leave comments. You could consider becoming a commenter in order to gain more visitors to your blog.
  8. Start thinking about monetizing your website. Your sidebar list of ways to earn money on the right, including Google advertisement sense advertisements that use text links, Chitika, Linkshare, Linkworth, Amazon affiliates Kontera, NCSreporting, and more.
  9. Register for an account on to start your RSS feed.
  10. Join and to join their forum. You can then make your site your signature on each post to draw more people to come to your website. Additionally, Mylot and SlashMySearch are websites that give you money for participating in forums, thus earning money and drive more traffic to your website.
  11. Keep writing and updating every day on your blog. Find interesting subjects to write about and participate in carnivals and other festivals related to your topic.
  12. Think about monetizing your blog by making use of reviews, PayPerPost as well as Blogspot.
  13. Request other bloggers to add your blogroll links to theirs and promise to do the same in return.
  14. Check out and often for tips to earn money online.

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