Department Of Caffeine Review

Department Of Caffeine Review

Department Of Caffeine: Just a few months after its launch, the Department of Caffeine has gained a lot of attention and has become the most-loved brunch spot for cafe people who love to eat.

The restaurant is taking over the place where Broadway Cafe used to be, DOC seems to be doing much better in its popularity in comparison to the previous. 

It is possibly one of the top waffles and offers a wide option of roasts to pick your cup of tea from. Department of Caffeine has indeed revived Duxton hill.

Look & Feel

It has provided a fantastic revamp to this area. The space allocation is not easy given that the area they have is both narrow and long. The wood walls and furniture created a warm and inviting feeling in the space.

Food & Drinks

My regular cafe-hopping friend, Grace, and I were craving waffles. I went for the sweet version, Buttermilk Waffles with Butter Rum Bananas. The waffle was crunchy and lightweight. 


The sweet caramelized bananas with a tinge of rum were perfect! Ice cream provided a sweet ending to the entire meal. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Grace enjoyed the savory one, Sundried Tomato and Herb Waffles with bacon and scrambled eggs. Although savory waffles have an increased chance of clashing with taste, DOC did a pretty decent job of this. 

The bacon was not too salty, so it was perfect for soft eggs and a crisp waffle. I enjoyed it too but Grace said that her waffle was not crispy enough. I’m guessing the waffle was left unattended for a while before serving.

Then, there was also the Yoghurt, Vanilla Bean, and Honey Smoothie, which seemed very tempting and delicious. But, it was somewhat disappointing. The taste was simple and could have been sweeter. 

The worst part would be the dryness on the tongue that is evident in the aftertaste. In the dialect, we refer to it as “siap-siap”. 

In any case, I enjoyed the entire beverage, so I don’t think it was inedible. I would advise them to look over their recipe as I’m fairly certain that the mixture of vanilla, yogurt, and honey will not go wrong!

Department Of Caffeine Review

In a Nutshell

Department of Caffeine is definitely the most popular hotspot for coffee lovers and you must visit to see why everyone is loving it as well. 

Be sure to reserve your table in advance to avoid disappointment, as the place is crowded on weekends. You can also pick the time wisely, stay away from the brunch hour and make it work during the week instead. 

I’d suggest it as reasonably priced and tasty waffles to test out to get started since it’s bound by a hit before you go to try the larger and more costly mains.

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