How to Activate CIMB Credit Card [CIMB Credit Card Activation]

CIMB Credit Card Activation  | CIMB Card Activation

You recently take CIMB Credit Card. you want to activate it but you did not get right solution how to activate CIMB Credit Card? Then do not worry you need to only pay attention to this post the method which I saw you this will provide it the right solution. Do not worry the end of this post you will find relax and your card will be activated.Also here activate cimb credit card for overseas use Information only on here.

CIMB Bank Credit Card Activation means the commercial bank which offers their customer many financial services. They provide credit card and the debit card also. CIMB provides to their customer relax for taking money. They provide security of their money, the customer makes the money transfer, also provide the extra benefit of shopping, cashback offers etc.

CIMB Card Activation

Activate CIMB Credit Card | CIMB Credit Card Activation

The commercial bank provides activation of Credit card very easy manner so their customer does not need to worry.

Can I activate CIMB Credit Card on SMS?

Can I activate CIMB Credit Card on simply call?

And above both question answer is yes you can do it. But how can I activate it? The answer is below: 

How can I activate CIMB Credit Card?

There are two ways to activate CIMB Credit card both the ways I mention

  1. Activate CIMB Credit card by SMS
  2. Activate CIMB Credit Card on phone call.

Before you activated by SMS or over the phone call but you need some documentation near to you. Just like your card, your register mobile number.

Activate CIMB Credit Card by SMS:

  1. You simply need to SMS by register mobile number to 79900.
  2. you simply need to follow the format which I show you here:

ACTVCARD<space>Principal Cardholder’s NRIC/Passport No.<space>16 Digit CIMB Credit Card No. Send this SMS to 79900.

You must send SMS by your register mobile number which is given in the bank. You must SMS from 8 AM to 10 PM.

After that, you will receive the message that your card will be activated. If you find any problem given then do not worry you can choose another option which I mention you. Activate CIMB Credit Card on call.

Activate CIMB Credit Card through Phone Call:

Before you can you need register mobile number, Credit Card, personal identification on your hand.

If you have above information then you can connect your phone To CIMB Credit Card Hotline.

Then follow the step.

You need to call the number of CIMB hotline (65) 6333 6666.

And you need to follow the instruction and provide the instruction given by the phone. Do not worry about time the hotline is activated 24 hours.

If you do not activate your card with hotline or by SMS then you need to go Commercial Bank and complain about it immediately.

I hope you like my article if you find trouble then do not worried comment with us about this article or if you want to activate any other Credit card activation then do not worry about it comment with us. We will provide it as soon as possible.

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