BPI Credit Card Activation| How to Active BPI Credit Card?

BPI Credit Card Activation Guide 

This topic will guide you on how to activate BPI Credit Card. If you find on the net then make confused do not worry about it. I will provide complete guidance on this post. You are not familiar with activation of BPI Credit Card then please read this post till the end.

BPI makes your life easier BPI Credit Card Activation provides a lot of benefits just like easy to payment and purchase option, cashback offer, secure payment and many more.

We are not discussing it more because I do not want to you waiting for Activation of BPI Credit Card. now Come to the point How to Activate BPI Credit Card.

  • Many people’s send to question
  • Can I activate BPI Credit Card online?
  • Can I activate BPI Credit Card by phone number?
  • Can I activate BPI Credit Card by ATM?

BPI credit card activation

The entire question I mentions solution here there is three type of activating BPI Credit Card:

  1. Activate BPI Credit Card online or on net
  2. Activate BPI Credit Card by phone
  3. Activate BPI Credit Card by ATM

How to Activate BPI Credit Card online:

To activate your credit card you need to follow the steps which I mention you. You need the credit card on your hand, CVV code which is behind on your card and simply follows the steps which I mention you.

  1. Open the official portal of BPI Credit card if you do not aware it then click here and Enroll it now.BPI card activation
  2. Now click on card option “Enroll-a-BPI-Credit-Card-Account”.
  3. Customer insert Card number, Card type, CVV2 number.
  4. After all, the process completed then your card will be activated within five minutes.

If you do not activate your credit card then contact the nearest branch. And you this way is not suitable for you then you can follow another option.

How to Activate BPI Credit Card with the phone:

  1. Dial the BPI Customer Support number 1800-188-891.
  2. Now carefully choose the language and choose the option.
  3. Now Follow the instruction given by customer care executive and provide it correctly.
  4. After completed your Bank will be SMS you of your register mobile number.

Congratulation your card will be activated. Now we go to another option if you do not satisfied with both methods another method is Activate BPI Credit Card with ATM.

How to Activate BPI Credit Card at ATM:

  1. You need to go Nearest BPI ATM.
  2. Now Insert the card and choose the language.
  3. Enter card details and password.
  4. Select the option “Card Activation”
  5. Now bank will send you SMS of OTP number on the linked mobile number to your bank. You need to enter OTP on it.
  6. Congratulation!… the bank will be sent to you activation SMS.

If you do not activate it then please inform to your BPI Branch and activated it. If you like our post then you can comment us. If you want any other BPI Credit card Activation then please comment with us we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Something you should know that never give id password to the unofficial site. And in case of losing your card, you need to contact the nearest branch or customer care and block it immediately.more site:-http://cardactivationtech.com/

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