How to beat a traffic ticket…Hustler style

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I’m not in a great mood.I was ahead of three lanes that had the light on.It was dark and I assumed it was a tow truck so I slowed down to 40 mph.

I chose the shortest left lane..surely, the cop pulled over and issued me a ticket ( I believe part of my driving a Nice Car pissed him off even more).

He told me to slow down or stop whenever the light turns off.To make a long story short, I will fight the ticket!Because I did slow down, and he was not in danger by me driving on my furthest left lane.

Here’s how you can “try” to avoid a traffic ticket.I’m done with #3, and I’m going to continue on.

Here are some steps to follow when you’re pulled over

For the best chance at leniency, turn off the engine and interior lights, hands 10-2 on the steering wheel.

Be polite and adjust your attitude.

Make excuses..tell the officer what you think…but don’t admit guilt. For leniency, plead your case. Don’t fight, don’t get mad, but plead your case for leniency. 

This should be sufficient in most cases. Being a hot girl can increase your chances of getting a traffic ticket dismissed.

Now that you have been issued a ticket, what do you do? You can contact the officer by phone or mail. He/She is a public servant.

 Their salary is paid by you, so they should be open to talking to you. You can come up with a “sob tale” and suggest other punishments.

 Write professionally and concisely, with contact information. The officer has full authority to dismiss your ticket.

If the officer ignores you, call the judge or prosecutor who is in charge of your case and apologize. Then, ask for the dismissal of the ticket. The worst thing that could happen is a non-answer.

Now what if everything is denied? You are denied everything. Now what?

You want to clear your record and keep your insurance premiums low. For the ticket to be removed, you might tell the court clerks that driving school is something you are open to.

You are not allowed to go. You must fight your case in court. Present your case in court. You can continue repeating steps 4 through 5. 

If the officer fails to appear on the court date, you are legally off the hook.

How to beat a traffic ticket…Hustler style

There will be many comments about this.. To be clear, I respect law enforcement. 

They do their job and I do mine by exercising my constitutional rights. does it legally. Please do so at your own risk.

I am not qualified to give legal advice. This is only for entertainment..haha. Playa!

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