How to Activate BDO Credit Card [BDO Credit Card Activation]

BDO Credit Card Activation |

If you are BDO Credit Card holder and still not activate it. If you try to find a solution to activate BDO Credit Card Activation. In many websites provides you to activate your credit card but that is quite difficult I will try to activate it with easy manners to understand you need to pay attention of this post and follow the step which I mention you. You will activate your BDO Credit Card within some minute.

If you receive BDO Credit Card and you do not aware it then I will discuss it shortly. In short, BDO makes your life very easy they provide lots of benefits just like great offers, easy to purchase option, for the security of your money they make secure payment system, cashback, rewards and many more.

You are in the hurry how to activate BDO Credit Card then I did not discuss it more if you want to find more what is the benefit of BDO Credit card then simply comment it in comment box we will provide the new article for it.

BDO Credit Card Activation

There are three ways provides to activate BDO Credit Card.

Some question is come to us just like.

  1. Can I activate BDO Credit Card online?
  2. Can I activate BDO Credit Card by phone?
  3. Can I activate BDO Credit Card by ATMs?

The question of all above question is yes you can activate it immediately. Scroll down the page the answer is below:

How to Activate BDO Credit Card online:

Before we go to process personal identification and card should have on your hand and linked number near to you. The requirement of Activate your Credit Card activation online is you should have internet and system.

Activate BDO Credit Card online:

  1. Go to official site of BDO Credit Card. The link I Mention hereActivate BDO Credit Card
  2. Enter the 16 digit number and enter your PIN.
  3. Press “Continue”, and your pin will be first two later is your birth month and last two digits are your birth year.
  4. One OTP will send to your register mobile number which you give in the bank while collection card.
  5. Congratulation!… Your BDO Credit Card Activated.

Though simple step you activated your credit card. but you are not able to follow all the step you can go to another way Activate BDO Credit Card on phone.

How to Activate BDO Credit Card on Phone:

This step is also very simple you need to only connect the phone and activate it. I will mention it but you need the Credit card in your hand and register mobile number which you gave in the bank.

  1. Connect the BDO hotline number: 1-800-10-631-8000.
  2. You need to choose your suitable language and carefully listen to the instruction.
  3. Now follow the instruction and give entire details which instructor wants.
  4. The notification message will get on your linked mobile number your card activated it.

After the completed the task you need to hardly take five minutes. But after the completed, your task did not activate the card you need to go the nearest branch.

How to Activate BDO Credit Card at ATM

  1. Go to the Nearest BDO ATM.
  2. Insert card -> choose language -> enter card details and password
  3. Select card activation.
  4. One OTP sends to your register mobile number insert it.
  5. Congratulation !… you card activated massage come to your linked mobile number.

Final Words 

I hope his article about BDO Credit Card Activation help you to Activate BDO Credit Card easily. BDO Credit Card gives lots of benefits to their customers, So read this post carefully and get all information about BDO Card Activation.

If you did not find any solution then you need to go to the nearest branch of the bank. And if you want any other card activation then inform us we will try to provide it.

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